We bring future cities to life via augmented reality to foster collaboration around the process of urban change

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inCitu transforms real estate and planning data trapped in archaic systems into immersive experiences available on all platforms (iOS, Android, web).

We provide a simple toolkit for engaging residents in real life, on-site and integrate seamlessly with any public engagement and social media platforms.
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future developments
made available in AR


residents viewed upcoming projects near their homes through our AR experiences


residents impacted by developments available in our dataset

Case Studies

NYC rezoning planning
How we created the most visible rezoning proposal in the history of city planning

Reaching a wider and more diverse with interactive AR on social media.

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Viewing the NYC urban landscape through AR
The future of NYC is revealed through Augmented Reality

Based on NYC planning and permits open data, we’ve generated a city–wide 3D layer of real proposed and upcoming structures to the city’s built environment.

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a view of the wallis annenberg wildlife crossing through snapchat lens
Visualize the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing with New Snapchat Lens

The world's largest wildlife crossing comes to life in a custom interactive Lens.

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Ralph Wilson Park bridge
See the future of Ralph Wilson Park Pedestrian Bridge in Augmented Reality!

Public engagement for the groundbreaking of a resiliency park and pedestrian bridge.

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Selected Projects

A gif that demonstrates inCitu's Ralph Wilson Park Pedestrian Bridge project
Ralph Wilson Park Pedestrian Bridge, Buffalo, NY
This 90+ acre resiliency park and pedestrian bridge were developed in a collaborative effort with the community in Buffalo. We helped visualize the future bridge and terrain on location for the groundbreaking events and the community engagement efforts that followed.
A gif that demonstrates inCitu's Madison Square Garden Relocation project in NYC in partnership with Manhattan Community Board 5
Madison Square Garden Relocation, NYC
The pilot allowed residents and other city stakeholders to visualize the future of Madison Square Garden in its newly relocated space. This allowed inCitu and its partner, Manhattan Community Board 5, to crowdsource public feedback on the proposed relocation.
A gif that demonstrates inCitu's 570 5th Avenue project in partnership with Snap
570 5th Avenue, NYC
Our partnership with Snap allows us to use their advanced Augmented Reality capabilities in our app. Our AR is much more interactive and informative than ever before, allowing residents to interact and better understand the different proposed options for this development
A gif that demonstrates inCitu's North Market Tower project in Columbus, Ohio
North Market Tower, Columbus OH
Residents of Columbus, Ohio engaged with the future development adjacent to the historic North Market.
A gif that demonstrates inCitu's Downtown Long Beach AR project that shows a future mixed use residential building through its App
Downtown Long Beach, California
This AR experience, showing a future mixed use residential building in Downtown Long Beach, won Best World Effect in a competition held by the city in collaboration with Facebook.
Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, California
The world's largest wildlife crossing, coming to you in AR with interactive features, animations and even mountain lions!
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Our partners

What people are saying

This is the tool we’ve never dared to dream of.
Layla Law-Gisiko, Executive Committee, Manhattan Community Board 5, Chair of the Land Use and Zoning committee
I’ve seen so much change here, this is the first time someone is asking me what I think.
Lucy, traffic policewoman in Manhattan for 29 years
In the history of planning, there have never been 100K views on any proposals that I know of!
 Mark Funkhauser, former Mayor of Kansas City


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