NYC residents and policymakers visualize and assess the future of Madison Square Garden

Pilot: Midtown Manhattan - Madison Square Garden Relocation
Partners: Manhattan Community Board 5 & PAU Partners


The pilot allows residents and other city stakeholders to visualize through inCitu's mobile AR-app, the future of Madison Square Garden in its newly relocated space. This will allow inCitu and its partner Manhattan Community Board 5 to crowdsource public feedback on the proposed relocation.


1. Analyze how augmented reality (AR) can help planners, developers and policymakers to form a transparent and inclusive planning process.

2. Analyze how effective the AR visualization is in regards to residents’ understanding of proposals and level of engagement in the process.

3. Analyze our tool’s impact on expanding and diversifying the characteristics of participants in the planning process.


"I've seen so much change here, this is the first time someone is asking me what I think" -- Lucy, traffic policewoman who has been working at the corner of 34th/7th for 29 years

"Of course I'll use this app, sharing my opinion is literally a click away"

-- Michael, renter who lives near the site, never participated in planning processes before

Diversifying Participation

Our pilot received responses from younger, more mixed-income, mixed-education level, and more renters than classic respondents in the city planning process.